Trial Class

If you are seeking to become a student in The Medina Ballet, you must complete a Trial Class before enrollment. Participation in the trial class will help the Director determine your present skill level and placement in our school.

To request to participate in a Trial Class, please fill out the form located below. For more information about Trial Classes and why new students must complete one before enrolling, please contact us.

Why a trial class?
It is important that the child understands that the school will be a fun and inviting place to learn how to safely and correctly dance. Many of times, children will see a movie or a show and think of one thing and when they come to class they are surprised it is not what they see exactly on tv. Touring the facility, sharing the classroom space with like-minded students and allowing them to be “hands-on” in a classroom will help them through their own understanding of what attending class at a Ballet school is. This is also just as equally important for the instructor to gauge their mental, emotional and technical strength so they are placed in the correct level to both challenge but not overwhelm them.
What is a trial class?
It is a “practice class” to see how the students responses in a classroom setting, mind the studio etiquette and how they take correction. Students who may or may not have training will also be learned and determining heir strength and weaknesses. Students may meet with the teacher before/after or both in conclusion of the trial class and a discussion of how they did will be had with said parent to move forward.
What to wear?

Student will wear a combination of plain, fitted leggings and a wide-strap, fitted tank top in either black, pink or white. (These items can also serve as a cover ups, that we require later on when they receive their leotard and tights). Students will bring a clean pair of ankle socks in the said above colors and hair in a slicked back bun so we may showcase during arrival the correct Ballet bun “how-to.”
What to expect?
For them to have fun! Most students will be very excited about the newest and what they were able to learn in the classroom, along with understanding their is discipline involved that if they join they will eventually comprehend what is expected of them.

More About Student Placement:
Students will be placed in a class appropriate for their level of physical, emotional and technical ability. Class placement is subject to change at the discretion of the School Director. Students who have never danced before or who have taken an extended break from instruction will attend an evaluation class at the time of enrollment to ensure correct class placement. Students will receive scheduling details and specific dress attire that is required for classroom instruction based upon enrollment. If a student is promoted at the end of the season, he/she is required to attend class during the summer to stay conditioned for upcoming year. For students in the Pre-Professional level are to continue advancing their level status a summer course of study is required.
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